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Name: Malrone
Age: 32
Height: 6’10
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced Condition, Gun Proficiency, and Regeneration
Weaponry: Various weapons (guns, knives, bats), A modified HK416 in a lovely purple (Not Pictured)

Joey Malrone was the consigliere to the head of the Valenci crime family. He enjoyed the lavish lifestyle that came with it, beautiful women, fancy cars, and a custom-made violet suit, which became his signature. Even though he lived like a pampered prince, he was not at all afraid to get his hands dirty. There’s a saying in the criminal underworld, “If you see blue [cops], run. If you see purple [Malrone], pray.” Malrone was the most feared man in the criminal underworld. But, one day, Malrone was overseeing the daily operations at a mafia-owned power plant that also operated as a front for a drug smuggling operation. The cop burst into the plant and a huge firefight ensued. The heroes Brimstone and Warhawk arrived to help subdue the mafia soldiers present and take them into custody. Malrone refused to be taken and attacked the heroes like a one-man army. The heroes defeated the frenzied mafioso and proceeded to arrest him. Malrone used the last of his strength to launch one final attack on the heroes, who saw it coming and promptly retaliated sending the mafioso careening over the railing of the platform, right into the core of the plant, severely damaging it and thrusting the plant into red alert. the heroes tried to save Malrone but couldn’t reach him in time before the plant was destroyed. All workers were evacuated before the plant exploded and Malrone was believed to be dead. But when the smoke cleared, he emerged from the remains of the plant, but, he was different. Since that night, Malrone has taken over the criminal underworld and brought the families together, forming The Veiled Syndicate. Nothing is worse than a super-powered crime lord.

<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>Malrone-1.png</span>