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Kephael, archangel and chief of the Seraphim.Vectorman316-WarriorAngel.png

Raven, a mercenary with big metal wings (flightsuit? Who knows?).Vectorman316-Raven.png

Various captains of the world

Karim Tariq El-Nassal, Guardian of EgyptVectorman316-CaptainEgypt.png

Masao Fujita, Japan’s protectorVectorman316-CaptainJapan.png

Humberto Alviso Cabrera, The King of MexicoVectorman316-ElReyDeMexico.png

Seth Yashodhar, India’s guardianVectorman316-CIndia.png

Edin Svensson, Norway’s vanguardVectorman316-CaptainNorway.png