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Character Design Contest 39
Name: Grey Guard
Trait: Metal Power suit, Scientifically Advanced Rail Gun(The S.A.R.G) capable of fireing several different forms of bullets, energy bolts, and can also recycle some forms of ammo, metal arm which contains constant tools that allows him to infiltrate secuirity systems, Contains a heart monitor on his suit, his helmet allows has several different functions including night vision, thermal vision, and has a light on it that.
Info: Victor Tennent was a veteran of many wars including the third American Civil war and The Anglo American War of 3240. Having been trained and genetically enginered from birth to be a soldier, he found that this discovery caused him to do something that no other soldier had done in the last 700 Years. He had gone awol. He went to the american institute of science and used the only working time machine to teleport back to the 21st century where he hoped to find a peaceful life and discover was he really human. But the call of duty was too great and he found that he had impacted his own society far more than he could have thought when he left.