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Character Contest 98
Name: Lightning Girl
Affiliation: Hero
Abilities: Flight, Ability to channel electricity, super strength
Info: Misty Kane was a normal high school student living her normal life in the big city. She wasn’t the most popular girl because of her average looks. She was one of the many people in the city who was affected by the “shock rock” as people called it. One day as a meteorite fell from the sky during a lightning storm it was struck by lightning and blew into hundreds of pieces. Each piece flew across the city causing powers to manifest in anyone who was exposed to their radiation. Misty was the first to be affected as the rock hit her while she was on her bike and threw her to the ground. Getting up feeling like crap she continued home. Her body changed that night becoming stronger and powerful. She discovered her powers after she nearly electrocuted her cat to death. She found her purpose and that was to be a hero.