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Character Contest 98
Name: Mastermind
Affiliation: Villain
Abilities: Self described super brain, Ability to project electricity from his body, flight
Info: Dr.Ivan Fitzpatrick was one of the leading scientists in energy preservation. One day he created the Electrolyser a machine capable of powering an entire country with little to no pollution. The machine would cause the same amount of pollution that of a single car would cause. While presenting his machine he decided to give an example of its power capabilities. He was warned by his assistant, Daphne Kane, that they were not aware of how much voltage it would provide for any device as testing had not been complete. He plugged the device into the buildings shock box and suddenly it blew up and flung him into the machine. The current flowed through his body burning his flesh. He was rushed to hospital where his body went through hours of surgery including getting his skull having a seal on the top of it to stop his brain from becoming infected. He was fired from his job and, after finding out he gained superhuman abilities, turned to a life of crime willing to do anything to complete his life work.