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Character Contest 98
Name: Volton
Affiliation: Hero
Abilities: Ability to shoot electric bolts from his body, super strength and ability to fly
Info: Vincent Cartwright was a reporter, known for his strong distain on war and weapons. He worked for a newspaper that was reporting on a new form of technology designed to make human weapons. Vincent was not particularly thrilled about the idea of making soldiers into human weapons. This was due to the fact he was aware of the effects war had on people, how it drove some crazy or unstable or even to the brink of madness. As for the testing itself it apparently had not been doing well. The human testing resulted in death or madness. Staying behind to observe the machine, Vincent began finishing his notes when he heard a switch being pulled and before he knew it he was blasted out the window by the machine. He screamed as his body experienced energy that boiled his blood and burned his skin. He hit the roof of the other building, but was alive. And to his surprise was floating in mid-air and electricity was flowing from his fingers. He found that he had acquired super powers and decided to use them to protect the innocent.