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Name: Omega
Affiliation: Hero
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Bulletproof body,Enhanced speed,
Story: Appears in “Cold as Ice”
Info: Omega and his brother became superheroes as a result of a meteorite shower. Omega and his brother were outside the city limits one night as they scattered the ash of their dead farther. As the meteorite shower began, one of the meteorites landed near their car. As the two brothers approached the rock, it shot lightning bolts at both of them. It gave powers to both his brother and himself. Over the next couple of days the two discovered their powers and began to discuss what they would do with this power. Both decided that their farther would want them to do the heroic thing. The older brother to Alpah, he is always willing to rush in before thinking Omega is not the most patient of individuals, however he’s always loyal to his friends and those he protects.