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Name: Hector Montoya A.K.A Turo
Affiliation: Villain
Abilities: Superhuman strenght, Healing ability, fast for his size, and trained reflexs due to his time in the ring
Info:Once seven time WSW(World Smackdown Wrestling) Champoin, Hector Montoya was known across the world as the greatest wrestler of all time Turo. Turo was known for two things, one his superb ring ability and two his mask which had a pair of horns on it. He was on top of the world, none had the strenght or the ability to beat him.This was until he was found using steroids to win his matchs. As a result Hector was stripped of his titles and fired from his job. He signed up for an expermental drug in an act of weakness and desperation. The drug made him stronger, and gave him an advance healing ability. He now uses his powers to continue what he belives will be his great come back, in reality its a non-stop crime spree until a hero can stop him. He now wears a huge armored suit and with horns on his helmet to remind everyone that he is “the Bull ” Turo