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Character Contest 93
Name: Fly Man
Affiliation: Hero
Abilities: Enhanced Reflexs, able to leap higher than humanly possible, enhanced strength,Mask eye peaces can detect vapours,body heat,sonar, and can zoom in on targets, uses a grapling hook to get from areas he cant jump.
Info: A former marine that was discharged for not following an order that could have gotten his men killed. After he was discharged he decided he would work as a secuirty gaurd at some chemical plant. One night he heard a noise while patroling the factory floor, he decided he would cheack it out. Finding a bunch of drug addicts messing with the chemicals, he ordered them to stop. In desperation they began throwing chemicals at him. To this day he doesnt know if it was one chemical or all of them that triggered his powers, but he doesnt care. At that moment he blacked out and woke up in the hospital. His powers would slowly come to surface over his peroid of sick leave.