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Character Contest 93
Name: Magno
Affiliation: Hero
Powers: Attracting and retracting objects and generating electricity through his hands
Info 🙁 My version of Magno’s Story)
Tom Dalton was an electric company lineman who, because of an on-the-job accident, was exposed to 10000 D.C. volts of electricity. When his colleague tried to revive Tom with a Defibrillator, the voltage from the paddles acted as a reverse current. By some miracle it worked, not only had it brought him back from the dead but it had granted Tom super powers. He decided to use these powers to become the costumed crime fighter called Magno.
His abilities include repelling and attracting things with his hands and generating electricity through his hands. However, Magno must keep his energy levels up by occasionally recharging his energies through exposing himself to an electrical current.