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Name: Merlin Ambrosius
Affiliation: King Arthurs Court, The Round Table, The Order of Magic
Powers: Powers beyond the limits of reality, space or time, Vast Knowledge of magic and its uses, Immortality
Story: Enter The Mystic
Info: Merlin Abrosius is known only through legend and myth as the greatest magician of all time. His past is kept in secret even to those he trusts. How he has survived for eons is unknown. To keep his power under control he deposited much of his great power into an amulet which he left in the mortal realm, so it could one day find a suitable apprentice for him. After King Arthur’s death he formed the Order of magic with several other magic users. Their goal was to seek out the most powerful of magical items in the world and keep them from landing in the wrong hands. Before his disappearance from the realm and his ascension into myth the Order found an item called the Infinity Sphere. The sphere was the most dangerous item to have ever been created and posed a threat to the entire world. The sphere’s faith is unknown even to Merlin and this haunts him. Having no patience for weaklings or idiots, he is quick to anger or annoy and as a result is a stern master to apprentice for.