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Name: The Marauder
Affiliation: Unknown
Powers: Body can adapt to any environmental changes, skilled marksmen, skilled forager, expert tracker, Self constructed robot arm allows for enhanced strength in one arm, high intellect
Location: Unknown (Last seen in Saudi Arabia)
Info: Marauder is one of the few heroes in the world that prefers to keep his existence a secret. He is the only hero in the world to actually be in full contact with the Hero Tech. Much like Wraith cities Tech he keeps to himself and doesn’t share much with anyone. None knows the real reason behind their friendship or why the two refuse to be seen in public as often as others. His mysterious past and motives keep him on the border between hero and villain, as he does not show any affiliation towards either side. His motives are his own but he will at any time change his mind about his current allies and side with either the opposition or go alone. The only time he keeps his word is when it is towards his friend Tech. Adaptable to any surroundings he is a myth to villains, a ghost to heroes and a legend to people.
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