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Name: Sight / Lizzy White
Affiliation: The New Order Of Magic
Powers: Ability to sense strong auras of magic from anywhere in the world, Can at times see into the future
Story: Enter The Mystic
Info: Being the youngest member of the Order and having no offensive or defensive forms of magic, she is still considered a vital member by the Alchemist. She was born in Canada to a loving mother and farther, and had a normal childhood. She was born with her powers but they were not unlocked until the alchemist recruted her. Before she was recruited by the Alchemist she was experienceing headaches all the time and her parents began worrying about her. She was trying to become a vet at the time and her parents assumed that she had caught somthing off one of the animals. The only man she enjoys talking to freely is the Druid and that is because he seems to worry about her a lot. She see’s him as the big brother she never had, but sometimes has to take on the mother role of the group when fighting breaks out in the order.