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Name: RAM, Fredrick (Fred) Durkin
Affiliation: Member of the S.T.A.R.S, Former Officer of Dublin Gardai
Powers: Invulnerability and enhanced speed, a metal suit that enhanced his strength
Story: S.T.A.R.S
Info: Born in Galway in Ireland, to a butcher and a teacher, Fred’s life wasn’t very different from any other children in the estate he lived in. As he got older, he slowly came to realise he had talent in the game of rugby. When he got the chance to play for his school he became the star player. Despite being only 5, 11 ft he was the star of the team and won every trophy humanly possible. He was ever popular and intimidating due to his status as a rugby player. He didn’t really want to stay playing for the rest of his life, but wanted some sort of job where his talent would be put to use. He decided to join the Garda Síochána, which was the police force of Ireland. As an officer he found that he had some sort of super powers when he was shot several times and didn’t feel it at all. He didn’t believe this at first till he saw the holes in his uniform. After discovering this he continued his day to day work, finding he also was faster than the usual man. He was approached by a man in and eye patch one day, and offered a job in a new secret governmental team. Accepting the offer he soon was given a huge iron suit that allowed his strength to become greater than any normal human being. He asked what his job would be in this team and with a smile the apparent leader said “You’re basically our battering Ram”. To which he replied “Then call me Ram”.