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Name: The Nightmare
Affiliation: Hero
Powers: Chemical capsules that make people fall asleep, cause rage, cause fear and relax, a revolver, well trained in close quarters combat, detective skills,
Story: Hero’s Of Our Time
Info: Nightmare was a hero, a member of the Guild of justice and now a retired hero living his secret identities life. Early in his career as a hero Nightmare found out each member of the guilds identity. The world he now lives in is run by the military and a corrupt government, not what any hero wanted for the world. He only stays in contact with the Black Hornet, who was another former member of the guild. Upon arriving at the scene he saw his friend dead and a bomb ticking. Bringing the body out he left for home as fast as he could. After returning home he saw his door was open and the house was the same as the hornets was. He was then attacked by assassins when he finally put his fears to rest. After dispatching the assassins he knew that this was no coincidence and that The Nightmare had to return, find out who wants him dead, how did they know his identity, and did they know the others identity?