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Character Design Contest 42- Public Domain Amalgamations
Spinner and Black Hood.

Name: Black Spinner
Abilities: employs a powerful exoskeleton concealed beneath his costume, sticky thread-shooting gloves, and automated robot arachnids called “Nanids”,Trained in hand to hand combat.
Info: Jason Burland was a disgraced cop wrongfully accused of taking bribes from the criminal underworld. His brother, who was also an officer, decided to investagate his brothers apparent crime. Isaac Burland was found dead a week later. An apparent drive by was to blame but Jason knew better. Dawning a simple mask and costume Jason went to confront some criminals who were involved in criminal activities. Having irratated the men he was shot several times and left for dead. Luckily a kind old scientest saved him and gave him an exo-suit capable to avenge his brother.