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This here is a little throw back to the early heros. You know the corny outfits and gimmicks.
Character Design Contest 39
Name: Golden Boy
Trait:Super speed, super Strength, Flight, and Invulnerable.
Info: Names Harper Sands. Most people call Me the Golden Boy. I’m your typical All american, Red white and blue loving, apple pie eating son of a gun. Now see I’m not here to tell ya’ll I’m the most handsome guy we got on the roster down at the American Forces HQ down in Washington, Oh no. I’m here to talk to you ladies and gents about The good Fight. See America’s got enemies and I am one of the guys the bad guys don’t want to go up against. I’m here to protect my country just like Big Ben…The hero not the clock… Is protecting our friends across the pond.
God bless America.