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Character Design Contest 30
Name: Mr. Indestructible
Affiliation: Hero/Preformer
Info: So this is what fallings like? Its rather peaceful. Wind blowing in your face as the ground gets closer and closer. Damn it Im bored. HURRY UP YOU STUPID..*Blam!*..Time to stand up and give my audience what they want. Thats right cheer baby. Look at your hero and entertainer. Come on. Oh wow that feels good! You havent heard of me? Are you kidding? Your not? Where ya been? Im Mr.Indestructible baby! Im a big deal. How could you not have heard about the biggest thing to happen to NY since the Ramones? Man your stupid. Read a newspaper or something. What are ya Amish? Let me make sure you get what makes me so deserving of all this attention. I am invincible. Ya saw that stunt? I just jumped off that fricken building and im walking away. Now if ya dont mind I got some work to do.