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Name: Major Alexander Theodore Quatermain
Affiliation: Super Spy (worked for both sides during the cold war) and Leader of the S.T.A.R.S
Powers: Legendary spy, Expert tactical mind, Master of almost all forms of hand to hand combat, Fluent in almost 12 different languages.
Nationality: English
Story: The S.T.A.R.S
Info: Alex Quatermain was born in Leeds in England in 1951, to a university lecturer and a nurse. A highly intellectual child, he used his father’s library to acquire more knowledge. At the age of five he could recite any quote from Plato’s Republic. Alex found school to be far too easy for his mind and usually corrected teachers who made mistakes. He was introduced to boxing at the age of six after an older boy beat him up for calling him a Neanderthal. He was fascinated with the art as he saw it as a battle of more than just strategy, but a battle of the limits of a human body. He learned all he could from his coach and started seeking other forms of physical activity in sports. He began learning karate and gymnastics at the age of nine and started showing interest in fencing and archery. Upon reaching his teens he showed interest in the army, this was the only choice Alex ever made that his farther didn’t approve of. Famous for his combat expertise in all forms of hand to hand combat, distain for guns, knowledge of government secrets from both the Americans and Russians, and genius mind he is a spy of many talents and retired at the young age of 39 in 1990 before the cold war ended. He was brought back in 2010, to lead a group of elite soldiers for the United Nations.