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Name:The Volunteer/ Patrick Dunne
Affiliation:Irish Freedom Fighter Turned English Agent
Traits: Wears a mask to conceal his identity, some boxing expierence, carries a small gun around with him.
Info:(Diary of one Patrick Dunne May 15 1916 Dublin Ireland)
We fought so hard against them. The Bastards didnt see it coming. We were just an unorganised group of lads with guns and yet we stayed strong for 5 days while our worlds turned against us. We had to surrender sooner or later and when I saw that flag waving I knew it was over for a lot of us. Connolly was brought out on a stretcher due to injury and he was still taken in and trailed.We werent seen as heros by the people of Dublin like we thought we would be. We were insulted and pelted with any vegetable they could find. We were just troublemakers. Poor Connolly was still injured when they shot him.They tied him to a chair and shot him.I still want to protect my fellow Irish man and women even though they treated me so badly. I was asked by an english agent if I wanted to see my comrades die or set free. I thought it was a bloody stupid question but I answered that I wanted to free them. He then offered me a position in a small group of soldiers. Funny thing to ask a lad that just tried to overthrow the power england had over his country. At first I told him to take the offer and shove it so far up his own hole that Id hear it echo in his throat. But then he said that if I did this all the men I fought with would be set free after the war. I thought long and hard about this and finally I swallowed my pride and agreed. Im doing this for the men I served with and the country I love. I have become a member of the round table.