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(Revamped Character of My first hero Justice)
Name: Justice
Affiliation: Hero turned Anti-Hero

Traits and Abilities: Skilled at close quarters combat, skilled detective, wears a flash light on his harness, his belt holds handcuffs and several items used for crime scene analysis. After he was framed his attire changed in colour from yellow and blue to red and black and he started carrying a crowbar and gun instead of just a night stick. His mask also changed revealing more of his face.

Info: Justice was a media friendly Vigilante. He was a police officer who wore a mask and helped out the force with his acts of Vigilantism. While he was operating outside the law he did read the criminals their rights and followed procedure like a good cop would. This of course didn’t sit well with a certain group of criminal’s in New York who decided it was time to end this good cops crusade. Hearing over the radio one night that there was some form of break in at a complex and the secuirity camera had the Vigilante Justice(really a hitman in disguise) killing men left and right while stealing the valuables. The real Justice showed not to long after the deed was done and the camera was shut off. Being the good cop he was he waited for the authorities. Being unmasked and sentenced to Life in prison on Rikers Island, Justice began his slow descent into darkness.
Years later. The killer formally known as Justice escaped the prison while being transported to Alcatraz. He is at large in NYC returning to his crusade while taking a more violent approach to the criminals.