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Character contest 90 entry.
Name:Disease Arrow
Affiliation: Villain
Powers:Expert Marksmen, Arrows tipped with different diseases that can be spread quickly, Has the antidote to any illness his arrows have.
Info:Born into a strict family and always pushed to do his best in every feild possible. Fascinated by sickness and disease he became a leading expert in disease’s.His second love was archery, a past time he found soothing and easy. When his funding was cut, he was in a rage.Archery wasnt able to calm his anger towards his employers. Going to his lab he threw around different chemicals and jars in his rage. The chemicals affected him dramatically, thought they were all lethal none of them could kill him. Each illness was fighting with each other to acheive advancing through his body. Turning his abilities to crime he is a very dangerous individual that is able to hold a city at ransom with his knowledge of disease disease-arrow.jpg