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As said in my story “As Cold as Ice” I have been thinking about changing Ices Costume From the original:

I have created three new outfits for her and would like some kind of feedback so I know what costume best suits her:
1. Punk Rock Lover Ice
This look was inspired by the fact she has her own cloths now and can mix and match to her own desire. Her hair is short to
look more punk and I have created a fictional band that is seen in her outfit.
2. Classic hero Look Ice.
This was an attempt at making Ice have a more silver age/classic super hero outfit for Ice. As a result we have a classic mix
of Blue and white and a more feminine look.
3. Black and Blue look
While staying close to my original design of Ice I decided to expand on it making it more badass looking yet feminine. This was
one of the first new designs I made for her new costume and includes the helmet she wears while on her bike.