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Some thoughts from someone who never read the comics:

If the villain can control the weather why does he waste his time robbing banks? And if the shockwaves from Barry running are enough to fling a grown man several meters backwards, wouldn’t they also shatter all those car windows he runs within inches off? Also, I get that he has accelerated healing and that he and his suit are immune to air friction, but how the heck aren’t his regular clothes and the Flanders spandex instantly vaporized? How is the cyclist he snatched up at 4:10 not freaking dead? He was effectively punched at the speed of sound by a superhero, his entire torso would be reduced to a bag of bone powder, hamburger meat and stomach acid, if not outright split in two. Hell, he might have been better off just smashing into the pavement. Black cop guy is right, by the way, this Barry character is a weirdo: You don’t get down on all four to smell the evidence, mister hero, way to contaminate the crime scene. Why doesn’t he have nine months worth of bed hair when he wakes up from the coma? Maybe some nurse cut and washed it every now and again, but I don’t see why “combing and hair wax” were higher on S.T.A.R. Labs’ priority list than “shirt”. Then again these doctors seem kind of incompetent; for Christ’s sake, ladies, the guy just woke up from a coma after having had a goddamned bolt of lightning rammed down his throat, maybe you should sit him down and give him some ice cream or something before you shove the urine cup in his face!

Effects look good, though, and my brother-in-law swears by Arrow so I might give this a watch.