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Another little hero team I’ve been working on- The Watchers!
A bunch of superhumans who make it their business to observe various individuals, taking out anyone with ties to the infamous Doctor. They, like the Ultronic Alliance, are under no government and are thus considered a threat in the eyes of many. They are extremely secretive, and the location of their safehouses is known to few other than them themselves. ‘
Captain Kale Hildered was born in the future, in 2591 to be exact. This version of earth was plaqued by an army which had originally been created by none other than the Doctor. He was the member of the Rebels. He answered the riddle of the Riddler, who offered him a chance to correct this future, sending him tothe past. Here he established the Watchers to find and defeat the Doctor before he amasses the army that conquered earth in the future.
The superhuman known as Flex was born as a normal man named Joseph in South Africa. He was, at some point in his life, abducted by the Doctor and used as a guinea pig. The Doctor grafted on him a small plant which had been stolen from a fallen Flathonian battle ship. The plant completely changed Joseph’s body structure to one that some what resembled the alien plant’s. His body became extremely rubbery and flexible, and glowed in the dark. He could morph his arms into crude weapons, and could, in sunlight, regenate limbs. In night however, this regeneration would be nearly impossible. He was one of the hundreds of experiments released when Hammerhand had hacked the security while trying to escape. He was eventually found by Kale, who offered him a place on the Watchers. Wanting a chance at revenge, Flex immediately agreed.