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Yo people, I’M BACK!!!!
And here’s my first new creation for heaven-knows-how-long, the team of heroes, known collectively as the Law Bringers. They work under the US Govt. and have a head-quarters located in Washington DC.
The leader of the team, Hammerhand, was originally named Wade Williams. He was experimented on by the Doctor, which rendered him super strong and durable, as well as giving him a much heightened intellect. After the Doctor went missing, Wade escaped from the Lab, as it was called, and offered to work for the millitary. Code named ‘Hammerhand’, he was the first choice for the position of leader when the government decided to establish the Law Bringers.
The amnesiac known as Wing appeared out of no-where in Dallas with what looked like metal wings attached to his body. He remembered nothing except the fact that his first name was Joe. The Ultronic Alliance decided to take him in. This is where he exploited his powers. He was generally able to fly with his ‘wings’, and was in excellent shape. He possessed extraordinary vision and an acute sense of hearing as well. Adopted the alias ‘Wing’. He eventually left the Alliance and settled in Houston. When offered a spot on the Law Bringers, he was originally reluctant, but soon accepted.
The Dragoness had no name. She was simply the reincarnation of the Dragoness, a warrior woman who would simply be reborn after death. Like the other Dragoness’, she had extremely powerful instincts and a very sharp mind. She was also extrememly agile and as strong as a man. She was an assassin in the Yakuza gang, until she decided to reform herself and seek to fulfill her duty as the Dragoness, to fight for justice. She is the only member to volunteer for the Law Bringers rather than be invited.

Dr. James Roderick was a biologist with a theory to ‘evolve’ mankind. Needlesst to say, he not believed. Enraged, he decided to test it on himself. After months of labour, he achieved the formula he needed- one night was all that was required for it to kick into effect. Transformed into an ape-like monster, he was horrified at his new appearence. However, he had beome much more resilient, and strong, and had heightened senses as well the ability to heal very quickly. He also achieved the ability to resist any form of dizzyness, and he became immune to most, if not all, diseases. He fled from civilization, till the Law Bringers gave him the oppurtunity to put his mutation into good use.