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FINALLY! I’m free to add stuff! Y’see, first I had exams…. then I got grounded for flunking them. So…. yeah, it sucked.
Alright, so here is my first explanation of the Extherium, a book that records all super human activity since 2017, along with the first two super heroes to ever be born.

“And it was 2017 when the first of the New Mortals was born; a man of great strength and valor, a man named Jonas. He was but a mere human, yet it was he who gained strength beyond mortal limits.
He took the name of Justice; he was the judge of mankind.
But he was followed. More men became more than men, more women more than women. It was a new evolution: a new race of New Mortals, New Man, was born.
And so was the birth of another great power- a young thief christened Kyle was granted power over darkness, and he became Dread, the Bringer of Fear.
It was 2046 when these two New Mortals clashed, leading their supporter against the eachother. Justice and Dread, The Judge and The Nightmare, both battled, in the burning sands of Egypt, the frost dunes of the North, and the concrete forests of America.
And yet neither lost, and thus neither won. Both fell into old age, fighting for their cause, until they ascended into the sky, each bidding his followers to follow their teachings, before passing out of man kind’s knowledge.
And so man became split in three- The Mortal, The New Mortal, and The Dark Mortal.” – The Extherium