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Here’s my first in a new series of Superhero guys.
He may look like a villain, but he’s actually a greek god who died and has recently been reincarnated. Not evil, but understandably cranky, this is Pan, the Lord of the Wild. His mission- to save the wild places of the world, and that also- by extension- means saving the world from whomever or whatever threatens it. Normally this means fighting alongside the hero team known as The Watch. He is also the Trickster, but of late, he only tricks his enemies instead of making some old lady’s milk curdle. Dying sort of took the fun out of his job description.
His powers- all wind animals obey him, and he can control plant life. His music plays with the minds of his enemies, and he is stronger than the strongest normal human, though not strong enough to throw cars around. He can lift one of the smaller ones, though, I bet.
When not fighting for the world, he can be found planting trees and drinking coffee.