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Edwin Brown was rich. Then he was thrown out of business when he was betrayed by his friend Adrian Kane, who took over the company. He also sent a few ‘boys’ to ‘take out’ Edwin. Then cornered him on a cliff next to a forest, but he jumped. He woke in the forest, surrounded by wolves, unable to move thanks to broken bones. As they were about to pounce, Edwin eyes turned red, and so did the wolves’- and they bowed to him. Exploring his abilities to control wolves, he learned he could only control wolves and certain breeds of dogs. He also became an excellent hunter and grew much stronger. He eventually hunted down his careless former-friend, Adrian Kane, and set his wolves on him. He thought about reclaiming his industries, but instantly realized he was not the man he once was, and returned to the jungle. When a careless superhero burned the forest down, he was angered and tried to hunt him, but he no longer had any connections, or his former social ease. Sinister Sam heard of him, and gave him the chance to slay super human’s like the one who burned his forest. He was happy to do so. He now goes by Alpha, as he is the ‘alpha’ of his ‘pack’.