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Adeyemi Sillah was born somewhere in Africa. Like most mutants, he was scorned and feared among the people. His demonic claws made him even more feared. When his ‘death touch’ manifested, he took revenge on those who had ever scorned him, and killed them with by touching them alone. He was then, at a later date, found working as a bouncer in the secret mutant inn called Three Outcasts. When Sininster Sam visited the inn, he was impressed by the man’s fierce strength and ‘death touch’. When he attempted to recruit him, Adeyemi bluntly refused. When Sinister Sam insisted, Adeyemi decided to get violent. Surprisingly, Sinister Sam was not affected by Adeyemi’s death touch. The battle was fought, but Adeyemi was easily defeated despite his strength. Impressed, he agreed to Sinister Sam’s offer. He is sent out on tasks where someone MUST die. He is simply called after his foremost power- Deathtouch.