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Well, the last enemies of the Guardians are the super powered villains collectively called the Crest.
First, this is Thunder Jack, real name Jack Benjamin. He was a member of a street gang called the Skullsaws. They were in a gang war with Sininister Sam’s gang, the Dark Fists. After a raid on a Skullsaw safehouse, the Dark Fists killed everyone but Jack. They were going to torture him to reveal locations of other safehouses, but Sinister Sam had other ideas. Jack was horribly injured, his legs butchered off and hands cut off. He was given the option of joining Sinister Sam or die. He decided to join. His limbs were replaced with mechanical parts, his head encased in a helmet that would will him if he ever turned on Sinister Sam. His “Electroguns” can shoot electric bolts and be used as a tazer. His legs meanwhile can help him run at amazing speeds and jump to amazing heights. Then he found at butchered every member of the Skullsaws he found, evetually going and killing the Skullsaw mob boss Nigel Crane. When Sinister Sam decided to establish the Crest, he was the first member to join along with his boss.