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Aw man, you made be blush! Seriously, that was the best comment anyone ever gave me!
Aright, headsup, this one will be cool. I hope.
He is made in tribute to two of my favourite characters from DC and Marvel respectively, Joker and Deadpool.

David King was born to former boxer and current drug adict John ‘Gold’ King, in Houston, Texas. His father was also a drunk, and more than a little abusive. Even a normal kid would have had problems- but it was hell for David. The result of John’s second failed marriage, he was a mutant. He had no significant powers- his skin was charcoal black, and he had no hair. His eyes were a glowing red. Due to his freakish appearence, he seldom stepped out of his house, which was no comfort as his father’s beating did the trick. Finally, one day at the age of 16, he grabbed his fathers hand as the later raised it to smack him, and then suffocated his drug-weakened father to death with his bare hands. He then dissapeared from all records.
He reappeared in Los Angelas working as a solo criminal. Gone was meek little David King. Now was the man known as Headhunter. The death of his father had driven him insane, and the laughing man became a demon in the eyes of others. His insanity also allowed him to break the fourth wall, so he has been known to yell phrases such as, “Damn that idiot, didn’t even give me some cool powers!” and “Come on Heromachiners! Tell him what an awesome character I am so he can do more work on me, aye?”.
The man killed for fun. He would garrote a man while singing Psycho Killer or slice his neck while using his eyes as a mirror to straighten his mask. His antics drew attention of the Guardians who decided to take him out. He was an elusive target, though. And when they did find him, they were in for a slight surprise. He had a love for weapons.
Gravely injuring Inferna with his Dragunov rifle and knocking unconcious Mammoth with several grenades, he also sent Deadbug to the ground by ripping his wings with submachine gun fire. He also nearly bested Spider in a katana vs stun baton match, until Peacemaker showed up and defeated him.
He was captured, but during his ride to jail, he pulled a Houdini act and escaped.
He eventually reappeared in NY and went on a killing spree to draw out the Guardians. Instead a few teenaged heroes showed up. Angry, he killed all of them with ease. When the Guardians did show up, they had to work hard to subdue the suddenly stronger Headhunter. After they assumed him to be dead after a combined blast of Peacemaker’s optic beams and Inferna’s heat blade, he could still be seen alive and grinning in a sewer below the explosion.