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Former member of the Guardians, now their enemy, here is William Wolfgang!!
From a Lycan family, he joined the Guardians as ‘Wolfman’ to show his father how powerful he really was. He had no intention of saving others- he only wished to mark his strength among his people. He did not shy from killing opponents, but the Guardians kept him… till the Black Fire incident.
When a battle between the Silverstar and the villain Darkferno led to an apartment complex to catch Darkferno’s black flames, he requested back up from the Guardians, who were nearby. While the group divided the tasks of rescue, Wolfman was assigned to a burning orphanage. When the furious Lycan reached the area, he saw that nearby, Silverstar had been knocked unconcious by Darkferno, who himself was in a bad shape. Seeing this as an oppurtunity to increase his reputation, he snuck up on the villain and ripped his head off. However, th time this took was enough for the orphanage to start crumbling. The rest of the team managed to save those inside. However, they were furious with Wolfman for his horrific disregard for life. When he was told he was being kicked off the team, he was furious, and the amount of anger that boiled within him was enough for him to transform into a half wolf, a Lycan’s ultimate form.
He battled the team, but was eventualy defeated and imprisoned. Years later, he was freed during a prison break, and searched for his enemies. He was happy to learn that they had re-united… it made them an easier target.

Wolfgang as Wolfman:

Wolfgang as Manwolf: