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Finally, the last member of the Guardians….!!!!!!!!!!!!
A young boy born with telepathic powers, Benjamin “Benny” Bent was sent to one of America’s Mutant Housing & Training Schools. Here, he met Inferna, and the two became fast friends, though she was much older than him. When she joined the Guardians, Benny also joined, under the alias of Mindmaster. During his days, his feelings for Inferna blossomed. But when the team disbanded, she left for their former school and married their former professsor. Heartbroken, he became a solo hero. He was eventually captured by the demon known as Kaol, who believed that Mindmaster’s brain contained the key to the ancient artifact said to hold the ultimate power, called the Theonthican. Tortured mercilessly, Benny refused to co-operate with the demon. Exactly an year and a day after his capture, he was rescued by the Guardians. He joined them in gratitude. However, Kaol had grafted armor to his skin that caused him intense pain. Still, Mindmaster claimed that even if he could take the armor off, he wouldn’t, because the pain had become a second skin for him, and it also reminded him of the evil he fought to defeat.

Mindmaster then:

Mindmaster now: