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You do bring up some good points there Myro, but there’s still something you’ve missed that I can’t quite put my finger on.
If we use DC as a case study here, lets compare two of their most iconic heroes. Taking costume and cool powers out of the equation, Green Arrow has been one of DC’s most revolutionary heroes (for someone who started off as a mash-up of Batman and Robin Hood). He’s been at the centre of some of the most influential and socially important stories in comic book history, especially during the Green Lantern/ Green Arrow run of the 70’s. DC have always known what to do with him, there’s never been much confusion over his character. Net result- second string Justice League character, ridiculed by many.
Where-as Wonder Woman, DC have often had an identity crisis with her, her stories have never been all that ground breaking and in the later 60’s early 70’s they turned her into a hippy feminist flower child- possibly one of the worst character reinventions ever. Then in the 90’s they got rid of the classic Wonder Woman, replaced her with a newer person, then decided that didn’t work, so they killed her off, brought back the original, then killed her off and replaced her with her mother. Then they brought the classic Wonder Woman back again. Net result- One of the big three of DC, one of the most recognisable superheroes in the world and the premier super heroine in comic book history.