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Herr D

After the Aliens movie series, I bet most Americans would take starfish to the face somewhat seriously. Aliens might get somewhat overdone as a theme or a unifying enemy, though. (Yes, this is me saying that. I haven’t been taken over.) I imagine any natural disaster or global event should be enough to unify true heroes.

1. Comet wobbles the earth’s orbit–ev1 sees it coming, they need Supes to push it back, and ev1 else to handle damage control down here.

2. The core begins to cool. Wayne Industries makes a bomb to heat it up, Supes delivers it personally while the rest of the team handles … UP here.

3. Redo the San Andreas?
4. 2nd 9/11 attempt on new WTC? Bat-bomb detector or radio intercept. Supes swallows the bomb, WW catches the lackeys and makes them give up their boss via the lasso?

You don’t actually NEED the unifying force to be a villain. Villains are just easier to hate. Like that line in IM3 about a ‘big target?’