Re: Text File Upload Problems



@The Atomic Punk said:

I was having problems uploading TEXT files for Custom Backgrounds and Companions. For some reason, the “View Existing File Uploads” button does not work in the Custom Items Archive Forum. It works in this Forum as well as my personal Forum. So I simply copied and pasted the links. While trying to figure out why TEXT files were not loading, I uploaded duplicates. Anyway to delete the dupes?

Anyway, for the time being, there is a workaround. I edited my posts in the Custom Items Archive to include the TEXT files. You can find them in Backgrounds and Companions. Enjoy!

I am not sure what was causing you to have problems adding your text files to your backgrounds, however I just added a background of my own and did not experience the problem you did. What browser are you using ? Also can you try again to add a new file to the custom item forum and see if you are still experiencing the same problem ? If you are or if anyone else is having this same issue please let me know right away and I will bring it to Jeff’s attention.