Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Allow me to start by apologizing for the lack of activity recently. First, the technical issue with my new laptop. The mousepad is junk and I haven’t been able to get a simple USB mouse to work with it. Chloe Cat is scared of gremlins. Not only has this cut into my HeroMachine time (writing and design challenges), it has really fouled my mood. I’ve been popping in from work. Kind of “browse-by” comments now and then.

Second, I am really stuck with Linea’s story. I had a dream last night that has absolutely nothing to do with the fairies, but… well, maybe. Third, we’re still trying to destroy the merc foothold on Scarborough. What should have been a decisive advance is turning into a stalemate. Lastly, overall, I have not been feeling well. It’s too early for winter.