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Pic #1 Story #1
Girl is captured at the beginning of the game. The first level is her trying to escape. The only weapons she has are weapons from the two guards she overpowered.

Pic #1 Story #2
The girl is rushing through an alien weapon factory. She is trying to find an alien that made a secret weapon to tell her where it is/find the weapon itself.

Pic #2 Story #1
A ADS (alien defense soldier) is standing over an alien, just before he kills it.

Pic #2 Story #2
A bounty hunter is questioning someone about a wanted person.

Pic #3 Story #1
At the end of the game, the girl dies the save humanity.

Pic #4 Story #1
The 3 ADS agents having a secret meeting in an alley, when they are confronted by a shady character who claims he has information on strange murders.

Pic #5 Story #1
The ADS general smiles as he watches his pet trample through the city, and laughs as he realizes that he so easily tricked all the other agents.

Pic #5 Story #2
The ADS soldier watches just before he plunges into the city to destroy the giant alien.