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Universe: Earth
Real Name: Michelle Kabree Williams
Aliases: Blue Bird
Identity: Publicly know
Citizenship: U.S.A
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Pizza Delivery girl
Relatives: Tony Williams Jr. (Father, deceased), Susan Williams (Mother, deceased
Group Affiliation: None
Education: High School, dropout
Physical Attributes: Height-5’10”, Weight- 155 Ibs., Eyes- Blue, Hair-Black
Powers: Michelle has the ability to fly to great heights, has some increase in strength (limits unknown), can amplify her voice to put people to sleep, and may possess some pheromone factor as it’s been shown previously
Abilities: Michelle is an accomplished smart-ass, hell razer, and has a major in flirtation
Weapons: Fists
Paraphernalia: Cigarettes (quitting), Pain killers
BIO- Being born with a pair of wings didn’t help Michelle any, she began being teased and bullied early in life forcing her to feel like an outcast from her peers. Her Father a drunk and addicted to pain killers, not being able to cope with his only child being set with a pair of dark blue shadowed wings and her loving mother dead from breast cancer and years of chemotherapy. On one terrifying night her Father had attempted to remove Michelle’s wings with a jigged saw, drawing the line in young 15 year old Michelle’s life. She had run away from home, dropping out of high school and soon becoming addicted to over the counter pain killers. Though she strives with the pain from her past Michelle carries on with a new Identity trying to help those that were cast with the same dreadful nightmare she was forced to live through… She is forever, Blue Bird.