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Taylor I am going to have to delete your post with Blue Bird. I saw this late last night and have given it some thought before coming to this decision. On the one hand this is clearly an original character that you created, because while her name is that of an already existing Marvel character, she and that character are vastly different as not to cause any issues. However on the other hand with the clear reference to intellectual property held by marvel, namely the x-men and New Mutants, she creates a bit of a problem. I honestly was not sure if this broke our rules on copyright issues so I contacted Jeff Hebert the owner of Heromachine and this website ( Basically my boss in relation to this forum ) and asked him his opinion on the matter, While he isn’t 100% there is any copyright issues here the possibility of it being so does not make him feel comfortable and it is his legal backside that will be held to the fire if there is so we decided to remove it.

Now if you would like to re-post the character here, simply remove the x-men Logo from her costume, and change the Bio so she is no longer a character in the Marvel Universe and without any reference to other Marvel characters such as the X-Men. Make her 100% your own character from your own world and she is good to go.