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Universe: Earth
Real Name: Adalbrto Eglacieus
Aliases: Captain Spaniard
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Spain
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Relatives: Carlos Eglacieus (Father, former Captain Spaniard, deceased), Maria Eglacieus (Mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: The Justicia 5
Education: College graduate (Doctorate)
Physical Attributes: Height- 6’2, Weight- 200 Ibs., Eyes- Green, Hair-Black
Powers: None
Abilities: Adalberto is an accomplished inventor and swords men, he his very agile and fit to human perfection being able to withstand great bounds.
Weapons: Rapier, other utensils depending on mission.
Paraphenalia: None
BIO: Born and raised in Spain, Adalberto Eglacieus has grown to take on the responsibilities of Captain Spaniard. The title being passed down to him from his Father, the former Captain Spaniard. Withholding no extrodinary abilities Adalberto alone fight’s for justice with his peak human condition, his wits, and his mighty steed justicia. Being a true patriot to his native land Adalberto shows his true colors by never skipping the chance to help someone in need… Forever living up to his Father’s and Mother’s dream for justice for all, he is Captain Spaniard.