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Universe: Earth
Real Name: Kioshi Wannabe
Aliases: (Dragon Warrior) – Translated from the Japanese – (Ryuu Bushi)
Identity: Known
Citizenship: Japan
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: World class champion Assassin for the Dragon Clan
Relatives: Akako Wannabe (Father, former Ryuu Bushi, deceased), Aiko Wannabe (Mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: The Ryuu Clan
Education: Ancient teachings from the chosen ones
Physical Attributes: Height-6’5″, Weight- 250 Ibs., Eyes- Yellow, Hair-Brown
Powers: Kioshi is an expert in the dark arts, that said he is able to do many things with his ancient spells and mischief. Kioshi also has a pair of Dragon wings that helps him not only fly to great heights but also grants him a great distraction to his enemies.
Abilities: Saying Kioshi is an expert swords men would be far off and considerate an insult. Kioshi is far beyond anyone when concerning skillful assets in the arts of swordsmanship.
Weapons: Ryuu sword
Paraphernalia: None
BIO- Kioshi was born merely to grow and become the next Dragon Warrior. His Mother and Father brought together for selfish reasons, only to mate and give birth to a worthy son and nothing else. Kioshi’s Father Akako Wannabe had formerly withheld the Ryuu Bushi title, being born into a league of assassins created simply to vanquish aspects apart of history to renew the world and bring it a new horizon to learn and grow every couple of hundred of years, restoring balance. The mighty and fearless Ryuu a symbol of wisdom and strength, a creature bread to withstand and vanquish those who dare stand in it’s way. Kioshi’s Father, Akako Wannabe serving the Ryuu Clan for centuries with great obedience and worthiness until finally succeeding his right to the title and final objective. His son now 100 years old withholds the all powerful Ryuu Bushi title, still showing and giving rebelling lashes towards the clan. Kioshi Wannabe abuses his title and shows great arrogance, the Clan simply too terrified to question his methods do to Kioshi’s great assets of strength and over ruling power. Kioshi goes on as the Dragon Warrior as an assassin for hire, forever being tracked and pursued by those who wish to put an end to Kioshi’s sadistic ways and methods. Kioshi Wannabe is, THE DRAGON WARRIOR.