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Universe: Earth
Real Name: Jack Arthur Brower
Aliases: Bolt
Identity: Publicly Known
Citizenship: U.S.A
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Former scientific researcher
Relatives: Daniel Brower (Father), Carol Brower (Mother), Andy Brower (Brother)
Group Affiliation: None
Education: College graduate (Major in biophysics), (Major in Electrical engineering), (Doctorate in Biochemistry)
Physical Attributes: Height-6’3″, Weight-230 Ibs., Eyes- Green , Hair- Black
Powers: Jack possess the ability to manipulate and form electrical energy with his mind, he also maintains some increase in strength though a very minimum amount.
Abilities: Jack is a very intellectual being, he is well educated when it comes to the body and electrical matters.
Weapons: None
Paraphernalia: Jack built a levitation belt to help maneuver himself when in action and when in times of dire need for transportation
BIO- Scientific researcher turned electrical vigilante over night. When attempting to complete his electrical current transportation experiment Jack Brower was mysteriously sabotaged by a colleague, unknown to Jack at the time. With his life flashing before his eyes and a certain serum following through his bio make up that was known to give people extraordinary powers for short periods of time Jack was changed forever. After the serum had been injected, Jack Brower had turned into a raging creature destroying everything he had worked so hard to accomplish in his 30 odd years of life. When waking he found himself in a world of trouble, the authorities on his tail and waking to a set of electrical based abilities. Jack fled, donning the suit he had made to travel through his electrical experiments with and made himself a costume. Bringing his attackers to justice Jack found that it had been none other than Roger Philips, a drunk and colleague he had come to befriend back in high school that had sabotaged him for quick cash and injected him with the serum as an alternative for death. Roger had been jealous of Jack’s accomplishments, always being used to Jack being the underdog like back in high school. Jack not only discovered his friend’s jealousy but soon he also discovered the reason he still had his spectacular abilities was simply because the electrical currents had stained the serum to his DNA leaving himself still with powers, though no longer was he the creature he had formed into that dreadful night at the lab. The people Jack’s friend was working for had killed him after he had delivered the experiment, now possessing Jack’s device for electrical current transportation they had high hopes for bank robbery heists and smooth quick fortune. Jack brought them to justice, after though he realized his life was in ruins, he hadn’t any sort of life anymore for himself. Everything he had had been put into that lab and now that was gone along with his only so called friend. He became Bolt and with it burdens the thought he will no longer be able to contain a normal life…. Jack Brower is now simply THE ELETRICFYING BOLT.