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hero:(after helping the villagers, he is wondering at night to look for a house to rest)
hero:( seeing a poor old villager crying and his dog with him)
old villager: (crying in pain)
hero: are you all right?
old villager: please leave me alone, just take my money but please don’t hurt me or my dog!! (crying)
hero: i’m not going to still from you, i’m trying to help you.
old villager: oh, i heard about you hero, you saved the villagers form an undead bandit raid!!! (excited)
hero: whats wrong here?
old villager: well one of the bandits destroyed my home and took the family sword.
hero: why can’t i just buy a you a new sword?
old villager: are you crazy?!
old villager: the family sword has been led for centuries, since my grandfather ended the civil war between the alliance and the republic. i can’t let some bandit take the family sword with their dirty paws all over it.
old villager: i had an oath with my father to protected the family sword, same as my father made an oath with my grandfather.
hero: ill find that sword
old villager: thank you brave hero. the last time i saw them they came from that cave over there.
hero:( heading straight towards the cave)
hero:( looking inside the cave)
bandit: here master we bought you a new sword.
bandit leader: thank you royal henchman (looks at the sword and holding it)
bandit leader: this is the most beautiful sword i ever seen.
goblin slave: (standing there scared until he saw the hero sneaking)
hero: shhhh (telling goblin slave to be quiet while sneaking)
goblin slave: ok (whispering)
bandit: what did you say you goblin slob?!!
bandit:( slaps the goblin in the face)
goblin slave:( falls to the floor frighten) nothing sir.
bandit: it better be nothing, or it will get worse than a slap.
bandit leader: don’t kill him you fool!!!
bandit leader: hes the road map to our treasure.
bandit leader: once we find what were looking for ,you won’t be much use to me anymore goblin slave!
goblin slave: (crying)
bandit: what are we looking for again boss? (scratching his head)
bandit leader: look! im not going to remind you again! but we are looking for the dang on treasure!! so don’t ask again or ill kill you!!!
bandit: (gulps) ok boss.
bandit: we found somebody trying to sneak behind us (holding the hero)
hero: (waving and smiling)
both the hero and the goblin slave: (chained up)
bandit leader: so this means you’ll be my next slave you little rat!
hero: and your being such a Hippocratic rat that is stealing gold from strangers.
goblin slave: (laughing silently)
bandit leader: you think this is funny you goblin slave, what about this!!! (holding the sword up against the goblin slaves neck)
hero: (thinking) that’s the old man’s family sword? it looks cool.
bandit: wait boss!! we found the entrance to the dungeon.
bandit leader: thank GOD!!!! i thought we never find it.
bandit leader: ok as soon as we find our treasure will kill you both.
hero and goblin slave: (sweating scared)
hero: we have to come up with a plan (whispering)
goblin slave: ok (whispering)
hero: i got it!! (whispering)
goblin slave: what is it (whispering)
hero: as soon as the bandits take a rest, the bandit leader is going to be distracted with his map that you just came up with and the other bandits will just stand around looking for extra stuff to take, but one bandit will guard the other bandits. we’ll ask to take a bathroom brake and wham!!!! we surprise them with a sneak attack (whispering).

bandit leader: dang it!! we been going to the wrong direction.
hero: i need to go to the restroom.
goblin slave: me too.
bandit leader: (sighing) fine, hey you!! take the guys to use the restroom!
bandit: yes boss.
bandit, hero, and goblin slave: (60 feet away from the crew)
hero:( kicks bandits face)
bandit:(unconscious on the ground)
hero: (use the dagger to cut him loose)
goblin slave: (same thing as the hero)
bandit leader: ok, its been 10 minutes, where are they?!
bandit: ill check it out (unsheathing his dagger to find the slaves)
hero: i know their searching for us, you have to go.
goblin slave: what are you going to do?
hero: going to take care of some business.
goblin slave: im coming with you (serious mood)
hero: no its too risky for you
goblin slave: it mite be risky, but i want payback what they done to me.
hero: well if so. ad-least grab a sword from the bandits.
goblin slave: ok
bandit: boss!! look at this!!
bandit leader: what is…. OH MY GOD!!! (surprised)
bandit leader: LETS FIND THEM!!!!!!! (angry)
hero: (jumps on bandit and kills him)
goblin slave: (kills other bandit)
bandit leader: well, looks like i have to kill you both!!!
bandit leader: (running towards both of them in rage)
bandit leader: (crashing in to glass wall on part of the cave)
bandit leader: (falls in to gold) AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
goblin slave: (looks at the gold with a joyful emotion)
hero: whats wrong?
goblin slave: (crying tears of joy) its nothing, thank you hero.
hero: ohhh, the family sword.
goblin slave: my family will remember you for generations.
hero: ( fallls in and grabs the family sword)
hero: but what is your name?
goblin slave: nepture
hero: well see ya nepture (waving good bye)
nepture: bye (waving good bye back)

hero: (returns with the family sword)
old villager: (watching the hero coming from the woods)
old villager: thank you for retrieving the family sword, now i will remember for ages!!!!! (excited)
hero: your welcome.
hero: (walking away in the wilderness)