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storyline: as soon as the hero has finally gain the sword of blight, the blight was already in the worm hole to travel to earth to destroy everything. lord farkas has gone missing after the dungeon collapsed on top of him. it wasn’t over yet the hero has transported to earth to put the blight’s reign to an end. as the dark elves were looking for lord farkas, they only found his crown and they thought he was dead. jar jar, vanvier, and the high elf soldiers came to volunteer to face the blight but they don’t realize how powerful the blight really is. can the hero save earth and let the void gain peace again? can the high elves protect the void without illusion’s happening. can jar jar stop saying *ribbit* the whole time find out on this part of chapter 2 on tales of the hero.

hero: we must hurry before he…. whoa (looks at all this destruction across the land of syrodon)
vanvier: but how?
jar jar: *ribbit*
everybody: (walks around the blights destruction shocked)
high elf soldier: general vanvier take a look at this
vanvier: (walks to the edge of the cliff to see a destroyed village)
vanvier: that monster has to be stopped or we all die
jar jar: but their is one question. where did he head off to now?
blight: (breathing void frost and fire 900 miles across land)
guardian soldier: QUICK TAKE COVER!!!!!! (ducks behind a huge rock)
other guardian soldiers: (being frozen and disintegrated by fire)
blight: fresh meat
guardian soldier: (shivering in fear)
hero: (throws the sword at the blights head)
blight: GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (crying in pain)
hero: blight i have come to end your madness!
blight: you shall know your….. wait is that the sword of blight?
blight: how did you pass through the ancient guardians?!
blight: no matter as i kill a pathetic mortal like you then nobody will stop me from eating this world
blight: (vaporizes the ground except the hero missing)
hero: (slashes the blight in the neck)
blight: (vaporizes almost the whole town)
blight: stay STILL!!! (vaporizes everything)
vanvier: ATTACK!!!
high elves: (fighting the beast using swords, arrows, daggers, cannons, and their greatest allie a treant )
blight: (vaporizes everybody that fought him)
blight: (freezes everybody that fought him)
blight: RAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jar jar: (cast shield)
blight: (vaporized shield until jar jar was defeated)
jar jar: (been blasted off through a house and he was knocked out)
blight: (breathing fire and frost to destroy everybody)
hero: (slashes through his body, head , and neck causing scars)
blight: (breaths fire and frost to make a huge explosion)
hero: (blown away from the huge explosion crashing into 2 houses)
blight: (grabs the hero and eats him)
jar jar: *ribbit* no oh no (crying)
vanvier: i thought he was the one to rescue us all
blight: you have no hero now SUFF…
blight: what the….
blight: i feel a substance in my heart. i feel like im going to… (explodes into tiny peaces)
vanvier: huh?
jar jar: *ribbit* he did it
everybody: (cheers for the hero like there’s no tomorrow)
everybody: (thanks him for saving the world)
void master: hero a word with you (telling him to come here)
void master: you have done the world a great favor but i must have the sword of blight back
sword of blight: (disappears from the hero)
void master: you have even done me a great favor but if you ever come back to the void ever again then i would destroy the world myself
void master: (disappears out of his illusion of his body)
jar jar: lets have a drink in a tavern. you,me, vanvier, and the soldiers
everybody: (walking to the tavern)