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story line: as everybody witness the egg hatching after battling each other. the void master lets the egg hatch and the blight will destroy the earth realm. vanvier was out of lord farkas’s dark spell also his soldier’s escaped his dark spell too. after unleashing the world ender (another name for blight), the hero thought to his self “there’s got to be someway to beat this blight,but how”
the void master showed him a sword to defeat the blight. It was called the sword of blight. this sword had alot of power to beat the blight, but for those who will use the sword of blight for foolish reasons, the sword of blight will not accept the sword wielder and they shall be turned into stone forever. but those who use the sword for significant reasons to the blight sword. they will wield the sword of the might power and slash any foe. for the sword wielder that has too much power they loose their strength and power and will decay into dust. their soul will be the guardian of the blight sword. but the hero must get pass the ancient creatures of the void that use to exist. good luck young brave hero.

void master: use this void Pegasus to travel to the dungeon of ferdain
void master: it will be too late if you traveled on foot
void master: (rushing the hero to the void Pegasus)
void Pegasus: (flies off into the clouds)
hero: I WILL!!! (going to the mist of the clouds)

hero: i don’t see the dungeon any where
void Pegasus: trust me hero im showing you the way (flying)
hero: you can talk?
void Pegasus: yes but i am showing you the way just trust me (flying)
hero: ok

void Pegasus: we are now almost to the dungeon hero
hero: (gazing at the skies of the void)
unknown voice: SCREACH!!!!!!! (echoing)
hero: what was that?
void Pegasus: oh no those are the void griffins
void griffins: (flying through the hero and the void pegasus rapidly)
void pegasus: (struggling in flying)
hero: AHHHH!! (almost falling off the void pegasus but has strong grip to hold on while battling void griffins)
hero: (slices the void griffins arm)
void griffin: (crashes into another void griffin)
hero: HUAAAGHHHH!!!!!( jumps on the void griffin and stabs him in the head)
hero: (after the griffin dying then he jumped back on his pegasus)
hero: i see the dungeon
void pegasus: (shaking the griffins off his track)
hero: (throw’s the sword at the griffins eye)
void griffin: SCREACH!!!!!!(crying in pain)
hero: (jumps back to the griffin and stabs it in the brain and jumps on to another to make it crash)
the void griffin: (twirls and twirls until the hero jumped off)
the void griffin: (crashes in to the dungeon)
hero: (landed on the pegasus)
void pegasus: (landed safely)
hero: (jumps of the pegasus and continue’s his journey)
void pegasus: this is far as i can take you. you must travel in your own destiny.
void pegasus: fair well hero (flies off into the the clouds)
hero: (turns back to the dungeon and continue’s his journey)

hero: (walking through the dungeon)
hero: this dungeon is not so bad (walking)
void wolf and ancient warriors: (prepares to attack)
hero: what is that?
ancient guardian: you dare come to this dungeon, you foolish warrior be gone or suffer the wrath of the ancient guardians
hero: i must stop the blight
ancient guardian: then suffer
ancient guardian: (tries to kill the hero but the hero dodge’s and slashes him)
multitude of guardains: (coming out of tombs and walls trying to attack the hero)
hero: (slicing every guardian he can see)
adept ancient guardian: (smashes through the wall)
wall chunks: (falling everywhere)
hero: (hiding behind the columns)
ancient adept guardian: (searching for the hero stomping through the floors making foot prints)
hero: (exhausted from running and fighting)
adept ancient guardian: MUARRRRRR!!!!!!!!(smashing the columns and found the hero)
hero: AHHHH!!!! (running in fear)
adept ancient guardian: ( trying to stomp on the hero many times)
hero: (dodges adept guardians strong attack)
adept ancient guardian: (breaks his sword by breaking another column)
hero: (grabs the broken blade and carries it to the ropes to tie it)
adept ancient guardian: (searching for the hero to destroy)
hero: hey!! (has blade tied on to a rope to stab the adept guardian)
adept ancient guardian: (turns around and run’s toward the hero)
hero: (releases the blade and stabbed the adept guardian)
adept ancient guardian: (falls over the guardians and dies after combat)
hero: not so much as guardians though ( continues his journey)

hero: their it is the sword of blight
hero: (walking around the sword of blight)
lord farkas: ahh. you finally led me to the sword of blight
hero: what are you doing here?!
lord farkas: i have been following you here. but the question is why am i here
lord farkas: you see hero that this blade will destroy anything including the blight
lord farkas: but i won’t let you destroy the blight
hero: but hes going to destroy our realm
lord farkas: exactly what i was hoping for but i won’t let some human get in the way of my mission
lord farkas: so i have came to kill you
hero: well out of my way!! im getting to the sword of blight!
lord farkas: not until you get past me first
ferdain: (rising from the dead)
ferdain: you mortals dare walk through this dungeon and my guardians warned you all, then you two will face me or run away so i can spare your lives
hero: i have came here so far and i will never turn back!!!
ferdain: then you have deserved your death wish
all 3 fighting at the same time—
hero: (slashing lord farkas)
ferdain: (crushes hero and hit him to the wall with his blunt weapon)
hero: (knocked out)
lord farkas: (uses dark fire spell to corrupt and damage ferdain but he is immune)
ferdain: (crushes lord farkas and smashes him until he passed out)
hero: (wakes back up out of his dizziness and focuses on combat)
hero: (running towards ferdain and slides under him to get the sword)
hero: i got (holds the sword up)
ferdain: put down the sword
hero: (slashes ferdain in half until he died)
dungeon: (crumbling to the bottom)
hero: (runs away)
lord farkas: what the …(wakes up)
lord farkas: (sees hero run away)
lord farkas: what the… come back!!!
void pegasus: (appears out of the midst of the clouds)
void pegasus: come on before you be collapsed in the dungeon (landed safely)
hero: (hurry’s to the pegasus)
lord farkas: let me get on!!( runs toward the pegasus)
void pegasus: and were off (leaving lord farkas in the ruins crumbling)
lord farkas: NOOOO!!!!!!!! (column crushes him)

hero: (walking with the sword of blight like a true hero)
void master: you are ready to begin killing the blight sadly i have had that blight for many years but if you want to save your world then go save your typical world

blight: finally i have been released out of that prison now i will eat the earth realm