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jar jar: thank you for coming with me because this place is dangerous when im alone
hero: what do you mean?
jar jar: well they’re alligators, swamp men, and swamp zombies in this kind of place
hero: don’t worry sir, i would protect anybody that’s in danger
jar jar: shhh (sweating)
hero: what is it (whispering)
jar jar: its those one guys asking for my amulet (whispering)
undead soldier: find that one frog that has the amulet and kill him so we can give the amulet to our boss
undead soldier: but how are we going to find him
undead soldier: i don’t know you answer me!!
undead soldier: now come on you bone head! lets search for that stupid frog guy!!!
jar jar: i think they won’t stop until they find me. we better get inside my house quick (whisper)
jar jar: thanks for coming, i need my portal to be fix but its going to be a little bit difficult for me to fix it
hero: what do you want me to do
jar jar: i want you to *ribbit*
hero: what?
jar jar: sorry, its part of my instincts, but i want you to get some moss from the swamp man, some rotten flesh from the swamp zombie, some alligator scales from the alligator, and hint of water too
hero: ok, im on my way then (walking out)
jar jar: but wait before you hunt them down its best to fight the alligator first because the swamp man is alot bigger when i first saw him and he’s alot stronger too so be careful
hero: i fought worst
jar jar: ok have fun hunting *ribbit*
hero: ok, i got a alligator scale, zombie flesh , but where is the…
swamp man: (stomping through the swampy water and trees)
hero: (peeks from the bush)
hero: their he is, i just got to set up a trap
swamp man: (groaning and walking)
swamp man: (trips on rope , falls and a giant net tangled him)
hero: wow that was easy
hero: uh oh (surprised)
swamp man: (rips through the net like a crazy animal and he’s enraged)
hero: im not scared of you!!
swamp man: (grabs the tree and start swinging)
hero: (dodge’s swamp man’s attacks)
hero: take this!!! (cutting the swamp man’s legs but swamp man is immune)
swamp man: RAWRRRR!!!!!!! (kicks him through 4 trees)
hero: wow jar jar is right, he is alot stronger (thinking)
swamp man: (trying to stomp on the hero 5 times and almost crush’s him with his fist)
hero: (hides in a wet,dirty,muddy log)
swamp man: (picks up log and throw’s it)
hero: AHHHHHH!!!!!!! (yelling)
log: (crashes to a tree)
hero: ow my back (a whole lot sore)
swamp man: (runs to the hero but accidentally hit the the bolder with his fist)
swamp man: OWWWW!!!!!! (crying in pain)
hero: (hops on his leg and climbs to his face)
hero: (stabs his left eye)
swamp man: GAHHHHH!!!!!! (crying in pain again)
giant log: (rolls down from the cliff and hits the swamp man’s head)
swamp man: (falls down unconsciously)
hero: (jumps to a tree to avoid falling with the swamp man)
hero: oh he’s dead!!!! (glad)
hero: (slides down the tree and cut of the moss from the swamp man)
hero: hey jar jar! i got the ingredients you wanted!
hero: jar jar! (walking around worried)
jar jar: (napping)
hero: hey jar jar
jar jar: AHH!! *ribbit*
hero: its ok its me
jar jar: oh, you got the ingredients
hero: yes sir
jar jar: good all i need to do is yell out the symbols to repair the portal
hero: ok
jar jar: oh *ribbit*, how did you defeat the giant
hero: you know i actually didn’t. a giant log killed him
jar jar: ok
jar jar: shhh am concentrating
hero: ok
jar jar: he fesh ma du ring ta le caree ling choa me rasa dasam FOO!!!
portal: (opens with a swirly motion)
jar jar: come on hero we need to hop in this portal so we can go to the master void and give him the amulte to keep safe
hero: ok im right behind you
undead soldier: (peeking through jar jar’s window)
undead soldier: what do you see (holding the undead soldier)
undead soldier: i see that on guy that stopped our boss from taking over and that frog guy
undead soldier: well this will be good (drops the undead soldier)
undead soldier: AAAAHHHHH!!!! (falls and bust his teeth)
undead soldier: stop laying around and follow them before that portal close!!!!!