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Here’s a hero I made a while ago and one (?) of the villains I came up with for him. Miracle Man and The Neo-Men. Miracle Man was the greatest Golden Age hero of his world. A world that did not have many super beings and he was the mightiest of them all. But that was years ago. The days of busting up the Atomic Squad, Heartless and the Neo-Men were long gone and he was just Jeffrey Jones again, enjoying his retirement. One day he was trying on the old costume just for the heck of it and to his surprise, he found himself transformed and transported. He suddenly was his youthful, in-his-prime self and on a strange, yet somehow familiar world. In fact, he found himself on Earth Prime, a world populated by many heroes and superbeings. Needless to say he was simultaneously shocked and thrilled. (Funny thing about the multi-verse; EVERYONE thinks their Earth is the only one!) Prof. Jack Clark was a brilliant scientist, with advanced degrees in several areas, with a prime focus in micro biology. When he was diagnosed with liver cancer, he set about working on ways to preserve himself, but as brilliant as he was, even he made no larger a dent in cancer research than the mainstream medical world. This left him with only two options: cloning or robotics. Though very advanced in that field, the thought of transfering his mind into a non-feeling machine frightened him. He was more afraid of no longer being human than of failing, as his confidence in his abilities would never allow him to consider failure. After the accelerated cloning of his body, through a process known only to him, he set about the next phase, that of the mind transference. Sadly, and ironically, because he put his every effort into trying to save his life, he stopped monitoring the progression of his cancer and had no idea that it had spread to his brain. His obsessive thoughts took a much darker turn, and though the transference was technically successful, like Dr. Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s novel, Prof. Clark essentially put a deviant brain in an otherwise healthy body. In his deteriorated mental state, he saw himself as superior, as a Neo-Man, so to speak. He made multiple clones of himself, manipulating his DNA to make them stronger than normal humans, while all the time unaware that each clone had the same brain cancer. Because he made himself physically stronger and resistant to diseases and infections, while the cancer would not kill him, his faculties suffered negative effects akin to Altzheimer’s. When he began sending out clones to kill members of the scientific community he felt underminded his work and jealously infected him with cancer, that’s when he caught the attention of Miracle Man. Miracle Man has destroyed many of Prof. Clark’s clones but has never managed to get to the original clone, who controls all the others through a telepathic link, and through his accelerated cloning process, Prof. Clark has managed to replace his copies at an alarming rate. I present Prof. Jack Clark, NM 0001, dressed in all white and his Neo-Men.