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After Nimu returned to Sumina, a trio of witches watched from a far. Are they good or evil…only time will tell. Here is one of the trio, the White Witch:


The White Witch has the magic of perfection, represented by geometric shapes. She is one of the Three, the others being Red and Black.

I have to give credit for the pose to Elias Chatzoudis from his Mary Jane picture which I thought would look good as a floating pose. Originally, I was going to use this pose to make a Supergirl fanart piece for deviantART, but inspiration struck and a new character was born. It’s been a while since I did a character with movement and I really enjoyed making this one.

Of course, I’m always trying to improve on shading, but lately I’ve been focusing on small wrinkles. This is the first piece I’ve done where I think I’ve done a decent job on it. Also, I’ve been looking for a better way to do hair for some time and finally found a new technique, starting with Captain Gayle on my Bad Art forum, that makes it stand out a little more.